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Slow Juicer

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slow juicer dietkenyang

In short time of use, types of juicer do not impact the vitamin C content, phenolic compounds, and antioxidant activity of guava juice

The vitamin C content, the amount of phenolic compounds and antioxidants activity in guava have no difference from the experimental results show that the extraction of juice by using three types of juicers (a high speed juicer, a slow horizontal juicer, and a slow vertical juicer) do not impact on the vitamin C content, the amount of phenolic compounds and antioxidants activity which mentioned in the theory that a high speed juicer has disadvantage which is it will cause the heat-up time. Unlike slow vertical and horizontal juicers produce a better quality, more juice and quieter, importantly they do not cause the heat on fruit, vitamin and enzyme. The trial was not consistent with the theory that a high speed extraction causes a quantity of vitamin C and phenolic compounds which is not different from slow juicers both horizontally and vertically, but it possibly because the extraction process using a few amount of guava (500 grams) and take short time, so they do not bring heat that is the reason why the vitamin C, phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity are not different.[A.1]

Low-speed masticating juicer minimize enzymatic oxidation reactions on apple juice better than blender, keeping the polyphenol and flavonoid contents

The blender caused severer damage to plastids in cells leading to leakage of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) into the juice than the low-speed masticating (LSM) juicer. The total polyphenol and flavonoid content of LSM apple juice was approximately 2 times higher than that of blender apple juice because polyphenols and flavonoids can be used as substrates by PPO. The antioxidant activity of LSM juice was higher than that of blender juice. Together, these results suggested that the LSM juicer is superior to the blender for preparation of fresh apple juices due to the minimization of enzymatic oxidation reactions.[A.2]

Masticating juicer produce green juice higher in oxalates compared to high speed blender

Green juice, prepared from spinach and other common vegetables using a high speed blender that produced a juice containing all the original fiber of the processed raw vegetables, was compared with a juice produced using a masticating juicer, where the pulp containing most of the fiber was discarded in the process. Overall, the juice prepared using the masticating juicer contained more total, soluble, and insoluble oxalates when compared to the juice prepared using the high speed blender. It is recommended that greater care should be taken in the preparation of green mixes and these mixes should only be consumed in small amounts especially by people who are prone to kidney-stone formation.[A.3]

slow juicer dietkenyang


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