Organizations Promoting Indigenous Food Sovereignty

healthy indigenous food system

The world’s Indigenous Peoples face severe and disproportionate rates of food insecurity. While Indigenous Peoples comprise 5 percent of the world’s population, they account for 15 percent of the world’s poor, according to the World Health Organization.

In honor of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on August 9, Food Tank is highlighting 28 organizations from around the world protecting and cultivating Indigenous food systems. Through what many of the following organizations call rematration, they strive to return Indigenous lands, seeds, foods, and histories to Indigenous Peoples and protect them for future generations.

20. Navajo Ethno-Agriculture (North America)

Navajo Ethno-Agriculture is sustaining Navajo culture through lessons on traditional farming.

​21. North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (North America)

Founded by the chefs of The Sioux Chef, North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NāTIFS) is reimagining the North American food system as a generator of wealth and good health for Native communities.

22. Oyate Teca Project (North America)

In response to dire food access on the Pine Ridge Reservation in North Dakota, the Oyate Teca Project offers year-long classes in gardening, food entrepreneurship, and traditional food preservation techniques.

23. Tebtebba (Asia)

Tebtebba is an international organization based in the Philippines committed to sharing global Indigenous wisdom.

24. Sierra Seeds (North America)

Rowan White and her organization, Sierra Seeds, are dedicated to the next generation of farmers, gardeners, and food justice activists.

25. Storying Kaitiakitanga (Oceania)

Storying Kaitiakitanga – A Kaupapa Māori Land and Water Food Story is a project of Dr. Jessica Hutchings and other Māori researchers and storytellers.

26. Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation (North America)

The Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a grassroots Lakota organization building food sovereignty on the Pine Ridge Reservation in North Dakota.

27. Wangi Tangni (Central America)

In Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, the women of Indigenous Miskita communities receive native plants from Wangi Tangni to grow for food, medicine, and reforestation.

28. Zuni Youth Enrichment Project (North America)

The public schools of the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico and Arizona partner with the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project to build gardening spaces and provide nutrition education.

healthy indigenous food system

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